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Designed for Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7


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Online Data Extractor
Email Spider
Email, Phone and Fax Spider

Phone and Fax Spider

Offline Email Extractor

URL and Meta Tag Extractor
Email Validation Tool
Email List Management Tool
Offline Link Extractor
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Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

128MB of RAM
(256MB recommended)


Internet Connection


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Offline Data/Link Extractor

Offline Link Extractor can extract link (http, ftp, email, news, phone, fax) from any type of file (Html, Word, Excel, executables, and so on). User can save the results in text or excel file and the output file can then be easily imported in any complex database tool as desire. It presents results in link, base, domain separately and supports link compare, URL extraction depth, duplicate link/base removal, domain check list, filters, etc.



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You can collect email addresses from DOC, PDF, XLS CSV or other local files. Moreover, it can extract link, email addresses from entire folders or hard disks. Using the "Source" option in New search dialog, you can select the source from where to extract link. You can also set the files and folders by using "Filter" tab from where not to extract link to optimize your search.

This Offline Link Extractor can export the extracted link to the popular CSV file format. This way, you can later import this file into almost any list management tool, including MS-Excel. Alternatively, you can copy the link list to the Windows clipboard and then paste it anywhere you like.

The demo version provides full functionality except you can save only few data.


( Guide - how offline link extractor works )


Why Offline Link Extractor is the best?


- Search and extract http:// , https:// , ftp:// , file:// , email, mailto: + @, news: , tel / phone, fax and custom text and link.
- Harvest link from local documents, such as Word, Excel, Adobe, HTML or plain text files and binary files (exe, doc, xls, etc.)
- Collect link, phone, fax, e-mail address from any ASCII files, such as txt, csv or any other local files and folders.
- Extract any style of link and text.
- Automatically remove duplicate link and optionally base part.
- Extract links with specific domain Like .com, .ca, .de and others.
- Option to exclude specific disk files/folders/extensions/text/link during search and extract.
- Export data to a Text file, CSV, Excel, HTML, one per line, colon, semicolon delimiters format.
- Built-in comparing tool to compare extracted links with your existing records.
- Customizable extraction and filter settings.
- Exclusive filtering module that helps you to filter extracted link by setting up different filtering option.
- Completely Automated - No Human interaction required while extraction is running. Just set some extraction settings and it will run for hours.
- User Friendly - Easy to use, efficient, straightforward interface, accurate link extraction tool.


Offline Link Extractor : 5 star rated at Offline Link Extractor : 5 star rated at  


Easily extract emails, phone, fax, custom link, text from your desktop


Incredible Output Quality


More Easy Settings You Can Customize ...


Specify different output format for results.


extract emails, phone, fax or any kind of custom text from your computer.


Set extraction preference for faster effects.


For convenience, you can apply the filter on the result.


and much more...




Very impressed with your software, trial about 7 different packages, 3 hours later and WHAM you guys did it. Excellent program, great results and the best technical support team ever.

-Mr Derek. Australia.


I looked for a long time to find a tool (like your spider program) with all the bells and whistles and yours seems to be the only one that does everything for a fair amount of money. Thanks - I LOVE this thing. Good job.

- Keith Hosman


This is great email extraction software and I have not had my issues with the software since original purchase.

- John Tierry


The truth is, I have compared a dozen of similar products and even though, some came close but this phone and Fax Spider is still the best product in its class and you have a good reason to be proud of your work.

- Peter


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