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Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

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E-mail List Management Tools is a powerful and easy to use bundle of applications for e-mail lists management.

List Management Tools operates with input and output data stored in simple text files, thus ensuring the fastest, most effective and clear results. The amount of data which program is able to process is limited only by volumes of your hard drives.

Email List Manager Software provides a really intuitive interface for easy and convenient use. There are twelve list management tasks each having its own tab in the application's main window.

Eleven of the twelve management tasks are operated in the same way. To start any of them you should switch to the corresponding tab and do the following:

  1. Indicate the input file(s) you want to process. The Input file button opens the file selection dialog. You can select several input files at a time.
  2. Specify the output file to place the processing result if necessary. The Output file button opens the standard Save As dialog.
  3. Indicate specific options if necessary. The options are available as checkboxes, lists or single value entry fields.
  4. Run the task by clicking the Go button.

The special Automater task, which is the 12th, is designed to make the program work automatically, executing the list management tasks without your in-between assistance.

To learn how to manage Automater please turn to the corresponding section of the Help Guide included in the program.


Please keep in mind that proper functioning of most software tasks require e-mail lists correspond to the standards of Email List Management Software (that is sorted, one item per line, no duplicates).

Email List Management Software -  Cleaner is the tool designed to bring your lists in correspondence with the specified format. Other tasks (e. g. Merger, Splitter, etc.) do not perform any operations of this kind.

Thus, any email list, either new or modified (including manual editing), must be processed with Cleaner (with the option E-mail addresses turned on) before you start to process it with any other Email List Management Software task.


Input Files Selection

All program's tasks work with one or more input files. With the help of the file selection dialog you will be able to select for processing single files (one-by-one) as well as all files of specified types.

To select certain file(s) for the task to process act as follows:

Press the Input files button in the task's window to open the files selection dialog; the dialog will be opened with the Files page active.

Browse your drives using the dialog, select files to process; use multiple selection, if necessary and if the task allows processing more than one input file.

Add the files into the processing list with double-click (if you need to add one file) or by clicking the Add button (if you selected several files to add).

If you need to process all files of some type which are present in a specified folder (including or excluding its subfolders), use the page Mask of the file selection dialog. Specify the file types you want to add into your processing list and select the necessary folder in the folders tree on the left. If necessary, set the option Recurse subdirectories to include to the processing list all files of the specified types which are stored in sub-folders of the selected folder. Press the button Add to search for the suitable files.

You can also do without the file selection dialog, manually indicating the file name(s) to process. Please note that if you specify only the file name(s) but do not specify the exact path, the software will search for the file(s) in the program's own main folder.

To delete the file name from the list, place the cursor next to it and use the button Remove. The processing list is also available for direct editing so you can easily edit or remove the names of the files manually both in the selection dialog itself and in the tasks window.


Output Files Selection

For most of the program's tasks you should indicate one or more output files to store the processing results.

The adjacent button opens the standard Save as dialog. You can also write the path and the file name manually. Please note that if you specify only the output file name(s) but do not specify the exact path, the output file(s) will be saved in the program's main folder. The same refers to other outgoing files (e. g. Rejected file, etc.).

If there is no file with the specified name in the specified path, it will be created. If the file with such name already exists in the specified folder, it will be overwritten. According to the application options the backup copy of the file may be created (see the section General notes, subsection Application options). Anyway, if you want to ensure your previously processed files to be safe make sure that the new output file name is different from the existing one.

Attention! Never use the same output file name as the input file name (if placed in the same folder), because it may lead to the processing fail and data loss.


Saving and Restoring Task Settings

You can save current settings of each Task Processor task in a file on the disk by using the button Settings in the top-right corner of the tasks window (sub-item Save).

The saved settings can be then used to switch between them as necessary using the command Load available through the same button.

Processing logs

After the session of a software task has finished, you will see the processing log which informs you about the processing results. The log shows the number of processed items (valid, rejected, etc.), error and warning messages, etc.

You may return from the log to the tasks main window by pressing the button Setup.




Very impressed with your software, trial about 7 different packages, 3 hours later and WHAM you guys did it. Excellent program, great results and the best technical support team ever.

-Mr Derek. Australia.


I looked for a long time to find a tool (like your spider program) with all the bells and whistles and yours seems to be the only one that does everything for a fair amount of money. Thanks - I LOVE this thing. Good job.

- Keith Hosman


This is great email extraction software and I have not had my issues with the software since original purchase.

- John Tierry


The truth is, I have compared a dozen of similar products and even though, some came close but this phone and Fax Spider is still the best product in its class and you have a good reason to be proud of your work.

- Peter


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