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Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

128MB of RAM
(256MB recommended)


Internet Connection


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How to extract email using keywords from search engine?


Email Spider is a powerful and easy-to-use extractor application that lets you spider search engine results and easy way to collect emails from the internet for your business and save the results in .csv, .txt, .html, .xls and any other delimited formats. It also extracts URLs and page title.

Email Spider is a popular format for harvesting email address from websites or from google or any other search engines in high  speed rate.

Step 1:

Obtain and install Email Spider.


Step 2:

2-1 Start the program.

2-2 Load New Extraction Settings dialog window by clicking the New button...


Step 3:

3-1 Select the "Options" button to Search Engines.

3-2 Enter the keyword in Keyword box. You can use multiple keywords but remember one keyword per not use any comma (,) semi-colon (;) or quotation ("") between keywords.

3-3 Select the search engine by clicking the search engine button on the bottom right corner of keyword box.

3-4 Specify the folder name where you want the program to save the data. By default program save the data in c:\email spider 2.1\data\{search keyword}

3-5 Press OK


Step 4:

Now your settings is ready to begin.

Sit back and watch the activity window and the data panel before your very eyes!


Step 5:

After extraction completed, you can save data in different format by clicking the Save button in toolbar menu.

5-1 Select the options in Separator Format.

5-2 Select the checkbox fields that you want to save. Select only Email if you want to save only the emails.

5-3 Specify the file name. Check the box Append to file if you want to append data in your existing file.

5-4 Press the button Save.

Note: You can save selected records or all records by selecting the options (All or Selected).




Very impressed with your software, trial about 7 different packages, 3 hours later and WHAM you guys did it. Excellent program, great results and the best technical support team ever.

-Mr Derek. Australia.


I looked for a long time to find a tool (like your spider program) with all the bells and whistles and yours seems to be the only one that does everything for a fair amount of money. Thanks - I LOVE this thing. Good job.

- Keith Hosman


This is great email extraction software and I have not had my issues with the software since original purchase.

- John Tierry


The truth is, I have compared a dozen of similar products and even though, some came close but this phone and Fax Spider is still the best product in its class and you have a good reason to be proud of your work.

- Peter


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