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Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

128MB of RAM
(256MB recommended)


Internet Connection


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Windows Vista and 7 Compatible


Email Spider is an advanced email extractor, email finder, email harvester, email collector tool with exclusive email filtering program which helps you in email marketing for your business, product or services.



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It is a professional targeted email extractor tool which extract e-mail addresses from the web. With this powerful and reliable tool , you can easily and quickly set up or create highly targeted and legitimate bulk e-mail lists for your own business. That is you have owned the powerful customers group and powerful competition over your business opponents. Besides to spider email addresses, it also helps you to organize and filter emails found. Email Spider is a must for those who want to collect large amounts of email addresses, and target your advertising for your product, website, or business conveniently and efficiently.

Email Spider is designed to collect email addresses matching your query. Just type your keywords or type the initial URL or make a URL list and the tool will spider the Internet and extract fresh email addresses that you actually need. It is easy to use, high speed, multi-threaded, accurate extraction that retrieves absolutely all e-mail addresses found in a web page and directly saves data into disk file. Program has numerous filters to restrict extraction, like - URL filter, domain filter, email filter. It allows user-selectable recursion levels, spidering depth, timeout, proxy support and many other options. The URL address that it can spider including any html, CGI, PHP, ASP page etc. The supported search engines include most of the major search engines such as Google, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo, Excite etc.

And finally you can save a list of email addresses to a file or export to Excel, HTML, CSV file. In addition, if you like can stop and save the search process and then resume it at later time.


( Guide - how email spider works )


Why Email Spider is the best?


- Search using specific keywords and extract email addresses from the URL listed in the top of the search engines.
- Search using specific web sites or Web Directories to find email addresses.
- Optimized email extraction from 206+ popular Search Engines from 40 Countries and Directories like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Hotbot, AOL, MSN and web crawler and ability to add any new search engine.
- Extract e-mail address related to your business. Support target keywords. Support single or multi keywords.
- Multi threaded application, allows multiples email extractions simultaneously with automatic optimization.
- Both E-mail, URL and site Title are extracted.
- Extract any style e-mail addresses, not just "mailto" addresses.
- Searches Dynamic Web Pages nearly any Web Site on the World Wide Web, including search engines, even those generated on-the-fly by dynamic CGI, PHP, ASP, etc.
- Extract email using local text files containing URLs list.
- You can generate URL using URL Generator tool for template base website to extract email from those pages.
- Specify number of pages defining how "deep" you wish to spider Websites.
- Extraction of Email from specified initial address.
- Extract Email from sites with specific domain Like .com, .ca, .de and others.
- Email Spider can continue to begin from last result.
- Export data to a Text file, CSV, Excel, HTML, one per line, colon, semicolon delimiters format.


Email Extractor : 5 star rated at brothersoft.com  Email Spider : 5 star rated at software.invertech.com Rated by 5 points award on DownloadReady.com


Easily extract emails from Internet, Website, URLs


Incredible Output Quality


More Easy Settings You Can Customize ...


Specify different output format for results.


extract all emails from specific url or group of urls.


Set extraction preference for faster effects.


For convenience, automatically open the folder after extraction completed.

and much more...




Very impressed with your software, trial about 7 different packages, 3 hours later and WHAM you guys did it. Excellent program, great results and the best technical support team ever.

-Mr Derek. Australia.


I looked for a long time to find a tool (like your spider program) with all the bells and whistles and yours seems to be the only one that does everything for a fair amount of money. Thanks - I LOVE this thing. Good job.

- Keith Hosman


This is great email extraction software and I have not had my issues with the software since original purchase.

- John Tierry


The truth is, I have compared a dozen of similar products and even though, some came close but this phone and Fax Spider is still the best product in its class and you have a good reason to be proud of your work.

- Peter


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